Puncture Movie - movie you must watch

Puncture movie is a directional first appearance of television producer, director and Brother Adam Kessen and Mark Kessen. The movie is based on a true life real story. Puncture the movie deals with drama and thriller which makes the movie more interesting. Together adding with suspense and secrecy, the movie keeps the audience full over by enthralling and mind bending ambiance.

Paul Danziger and Mike Weiss were friends since high school and decide to open a little law firm together to look after special injury cases. Paul is the serious business man but Mike is totally opposite of him. In puncture movie, Mike is a drug addict who exercises from pain killers to cocaine. In this movie, an ER nurse gets accidently pricked by a used syringe while treating a patient and she herself get infected with AIDS.

Her friend after this incident makes a safety syringe but it was not acceptable in the hospitals and he is very curious to find out why. The lawyers deal with this issue without retreating back. The movie also shows the malpractices of hospitals and thus in turn how medical professional gets infected with various death killing diseases.

Puncture is an earnest mark of respect to a reason that demands attention worldwide and the far-fetched sacrifices that were prepared for it. While it seldom relies on a great deal on its stylization, it is beached by its source in truth, its massive political importance, and the close association of the film makers to the genuine people portrayed.

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